The Relationship Between IBM Mainframes and Personal Computers

Computers are the brainpower behind most of the technological advances of the modern world. Computers have played a major role in the economic growth of many nations. In fact, computers have affected almost every aspect of our lives; from educational applications to commercial ones. Computers are widely used in all fields and industries for various purposes.


A computer is simply a machine which is able to execute certain logical functions or mathematical operations automatically through computer-numerical programming. Modern computers are able to execute a wide array of operations, known as software programs. These programs allow computers to perform almost any type of work. Computers are categorized into hardware and software. Hardware refers to the elements inside a personal computer, including processors, memory, input devices such as keyboard, mouse, video card, audio output devices, and monitor.

Input devices refer to any external input devices like printers, scanners, printers, digital cameras, and other pointing devices. Output devices include computer peripherals like printers, speakers, disk drives, digital cameras, and other digital input devices. Modern computers make use of different types of input and output devices for performing various tasks. Computer hardware is divided into two main categories, namely desktop and mainframe computers. Desktop computers are smaller and usually have less permanent storage compared with mainframe computers. Desktop computers run on a small portion of main memory.

Mainframe computers, on the other hand, are larger and have more permanent storage. They execute large numbers of parallel programs and command the use of huge amounts of memory and input and output devices. Mainframes have built-in operating systems to control and coordinate the processing of large numbers of programs. Mainframe computers are often accompanied by large main memory and input devices.

Modern computers come with many ports and connectors for connecting input and output devices. These ports and connectors enable devices to communicate with one another. For example, a keyboard connected to a mouse can control the mouse’s movement. Audio devices, video devices, and USB devices are commonly hooked up to personal computers.

Some personal computers come with software that runs on special hardware called microprocessors. The microprocessor executes instructions within the machine. Hardware such as input and output devices is connected to microprocessors. The execution of instructions from the microprocessor is then controlled by specialized hardware called microprocessors. Examples of this type of hardware are vacuum tubes, liquid crystal displays, and electric currents.

Modern computers execute many instructions per second through the help of many different hardware components. Some examples of these components are the central processing unit (CPU), microprocessor, random access memory (RAM) and hard disk. The CPU of a computer can execute an instruction that is linked to an operating system through a boot ROM.

Hard disk or storage devices allow a computer to save data. The speed of a computer is greatly affected by the amount of data stored in the hard disk. Many computers also have built-in security features to protect information from unauthorized users. Examples of hardware that are included in modern computers include motherboards, processors, hard disk, and more. Modern computers are constantly being upgraded to incorporate newer technology.

Other hardware components that can be found inside of computers include memory, video, and audio devices. Graphics cards, sound devices, and television are all examples of additional hardware that can be added to a computer. The memory of a computer is used to store data that is required for executing instructions. Hard disk is used to store the data that is not in use in the computer. There are many peripheral devices that connect computers to other devices such as printers, scanners, and cameras.

Computers have become an essential part of our lives. Computers have many uses such as emailing, word processing, running applications, and web browsing. With the development of the internet, downloading software has become popular. Downloading software and other applications to share information with friends and coworkers is also a common use of computers.

Major companies such as Microsoft have made computers very affordable over the past few years. The price of a personal computer has fallen by more than forty percent since it was first introduced into the public market in the early 1960’s. Major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and IBM have lower prices on some models of laptops and computers. Buying a laptop instead of a desktop PC offers a lot of benefits such as portability and versatility.

IBM is one of the world’s largest IT and software companies. IBM’s mainframe computers offer both mainframe functionality along with the performance needed for high-end personal computers. Mainframes such as IBM’s Z-series mainframes provide extreme reliability, Scalable System Technology, and ease of use. Many new laptops and computers utilize some of the technology found in IBM mainframes.